KAOS Dogsports teaches a variety of classes throughout the year, but not all classes listed are held in every session. Sessions run for 7 weeks, and some classes are offered in a 4 week format

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Payment is required via etransfer before the start of the class.

Classes taught are determined by our waiting lists. If you are interested in any of the classes below, please email the appropriate contact.

Classes are filled from waiting lists from other classes first. For example, if a student starts in Puppy Kindergarten or Level 1 Foundation, their name is kept for the next level and the classes are filled from there to start. Instructors recommend where students should go to next, including when they are ready to go on to another dogsport such as agility or flyball.

Below are the classes that will be offered this fall.

Obedience and Rally-O Classes – Contact: Colette (

Canine Fun 101

Running Wednesdays @ 7:00PM, Nov 7 – Dec 19 (7 Weeks)

This class is an introduction to all that we do with our own dogs. The class is divided into working stations with foundation obedience being one of the stations every week. Other stations include how to play, learning to jump, rear end awareness, tunnels, barrels, targeting and some introductory skills used for flyball and disc. Most dogs and handlers benefit from having Foundation Level 1 first, but some can go into this class with prior training elsewhere or with an experienced handler.

PREREQUISITES: Level 1 Foundation Training (recommended)

COST: $120

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Level 1 Foundation Training

Running Mondays @ 7:00PM and 8:15PM, Nov 5 – Dec 17 (7 weeks)

Open to all ages, all breeds. Building a strong foundation with your dog is like building a house. Without a strong foundation, the house would soon crumble, thus foundation training is important for the family pet, as well as the dog that will go into other dog sports such as flyball, agility, Rally-O and conformation. Basics are sit, down, stay, come when called and learning the heel position. This class is a pre-requisite for every other class that KAOS offers. This is the class that will start to create a bond between dog and handler that is more than just a collar and leash.


COST: $120

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Agility Classes – Contact: Jimmy (

Beginner Level 1

Dates and Times: Running Tuesdays @ 6:45PM, Nov 6 – Dec 18 (7 weeks)

In Level 1 agility students will be introduced to the majority of the equipment seen on an agility course; such as contacts, jumps, tunnel, tire and table. By the end of the class dogs will have a strong start on their contacts and should be able to sequence together 2-3 obstacles. Although the class is done on leash, dogs should have a good understand of basic obedience such as sit, down, stay and should have a strong recall.

PREREQUISITES: “Level 1 Foundation Training” | Recommendation from instructor to move on to agility

COST: $120

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Jump Grid Class

Running Tuesdays @ 8:00pm, Nov 7 – Dec 18 (7 weeks)
This is a MUST class for anyone whose dog plays agility casually, at home, in demos or competitively. This class will focus on teaching the dog and handler how their dog should stride, how to jump on an agility course and how to set these grids up properly for your specific dog. It is so important to teach a dog how to approach a jump, when to to take off, when to land and how to shift their weight in relation to the jumping pattern. This can also help with injury prevention. A video camera and a dog crate will be needed for this class. All dogs must be able to be crated.

PREREQUISITES: Level 2 Obedience and Level 2 Agility (or equivalent).

COST: $120

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Canine Fun 201


This class is an intermediate continuation of the Canine Fun 101 class. Activites include tunnel relays, barrel relays, 3-point barrels and other fun handling exercises. This class is primarily run off leash.

PREREQUISITES: “Level 2 Agility” or “Canine Fun 101” & “Level 2 Obedience”

COST: $120

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